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hire magician from aerial artistry Whether you are hiring a magician for a corpoarte event, fair or a festival, a bar mitzvah, a wedding or a grad party, a holiday party, a banquet, or trade show And not just any magician but a world-class magician that will amaze you and your guests. Perfect for corporate events, birthday parties and more, magicians are among the most unique and talented entertainers out there. You won't believe your eyes!
Magicians have great potential to uplift the energy and excitement levels of your guests, as they keep on interacting with the audience during the show. One on one interaction with the audience during an entertainment show is always believed to be highly important and magicians are too good at following this tactic so that audience can be kept excited and entertained.

Close-up magic good for banquets, cocktail parties and hospitality suites. The magician performs using playing cards, coins and other small objects. Cabaret Magic or Stage Show Magic perform comedy, music, and audience participation. Mentalism magic focuses on mind reading telepathy, clairvoyance, telekinesis and other psychic illusions.

he Magic offers complete flexibility; a short 10-minute cabaret spot ideal for production/variety shows, a full 90-minute show. From 14 Illusions, 3 presentations starring (up to) 15 doves, 4 Close-Up shows, 2 Universal performances, a Cerebral (mind-reading and mental) act or the Comedy Cabaret. It can be self contain show(s) with lights, live electric violin music, smoke and pyrotechnics

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hire magician from aerial artistry


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