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Ghostly illuminated phantoms celebrate the sounds of life while circles of eclectic light are suddenly reflected on the dark sky, setting the stage for our Aerial Hoops performer who spins and twists as a thousand sunrays explode from her glimmering body. With each pulsating beat of the music, the audience is enthralled by a brilliantly overwhelming light show and numerous amazing cirque acts such as the German Wheel or Spinning Cube performers, who orbit the stage performing gravity-defying somersaults inside a miraculous sphere of light and manipulate a glowing cube in an infusion of acrobatic movements and refreshingly original juggling. Accenting every incredible act throughout the show, our dancers revolve around the stage as mesmerizing three-dimensional sculptures of light coming together in shimmering ecstasy.
A 45-minute production, this event explores advances in light manipulation never before seen, featuring intelligent lights, surreal black light, sparkling lasers, special effects and computerized LED lighted costumes that react in sync with fast and slow beats, creating dynamic spinning and cascading effects for a unique visual experience that is irresistibly hypnotic. The show’s futuristic and edgy style, combined with astonishing cirque acts performed to the pulsating and upbeat sounds of techno and house music, makes this one of the most original and spellbinding productions on the market today.

60 Minute Show: 6 Electric Dancer, 2 Tramp Wall Acrobats,1 Robot Stilt Walker, 3 Flag Acrobat, 4 Ribbon Dancers, 2 Aerial Lira, 1 German Wheel, 1 Fire Juggler, 1 Aerial Chiffon, 2 Electric Juggler, 2 Power Skip, 1 Hula Hoop, 1 Spinning Cube

45 Minute Show: 1 Fire Juggler, 1 Hula Hoop, 4 Electric Dancers, 1 Spinning Cube Performer, 2 Power Skip Performers,1 Electric Juggler, 1 German Wheel,

30 Minute Show: 2 Power Skips, 1 Spinning Cube, 1 Hula Hoop, 1 Electric Juggler, 4 Electric Dancers

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